Essay writing skills are a definite must for students who want to have good academic performance. Regardless of your academic level, you will be working on essays of various types and sizes throughout every semester during your education.

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A good essay takes the form of a detailed description on a given topic, combined with reasoning. When an essay is assigned by your professor, they will examine the following aspects:

  • Originality of content

  • Essay research topic/topics

  • Formatting of the essay

  • Grammar and spelling in the essay

  • Relevancy of content

  • Writing skills

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Essay Writing Help: Tips from Professionals

Once you learn the structure and get some insight into how the process works, you will find that writing an essay is actually not as complex as students think.

Topic Research

Essay topics are often assigned and specified by the instructor. In the case where this choice is left for the student, you must seek a unique topic and try hard to present it properly.

The topic of your research should be in your domain of interest. In this way, you can achieve better results and enjoy the researching process at the same time.

Brainstorming and Analysis

After you have selected the essay, it is time to search for arguments, critics and logics that support or oppose your idea. This part requires advanced researching skills, since you must make sure that every source used in the paper is reliable and relevant to the chosen topic.

Note Taking

Students must record any finding in their own words to ease the writing process later on. It is advised to create a short outline before starting to write, since this can help you create the structure and include the key arguments in the content.

Writing the Introduction

An introduction of an essay is similar to any paper’s introduction. This is the part where you provide the reader with:

  • Key terms and information

  • Information on the topic

Make sure that this part grabs the attention of the reader.


Every paragraph must be created to contain evidences and ideas.


The conclusion section contains the key findings in a short overview. You may also add a call for action or a simple recommendation at the end.


One of the most important tips for essay writing help concerns originality of content. In order to avoid plagiarism at all costs, you must pay special attention to citation and references.

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